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About Dr. Kelley Mingus at Distinctive Dentistry:

About Dr. Kelley at Smile Burns Oregon:

Dr. Kelly Mingus at Smile Burns Oregon completed his undergraduate education at Portland State University and his dental degree from OHSU. After relocating from that area, Dr. Mingus began opening practices in Central Oregon in 2006, including Bend and Burns, Oregon. 

With their high-tech equipment and highly personal, quality family dentistry, Smile Burns Oregon stands out. Whether you’re considering Smile Burns Oregon cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, or pediatric dentistry, we invite you in to see how Smile Burns Oregon can help you.

We all want healthy and attractive smiles because they make you feel confident, happy, and beautiful. Smile Burns Oregon provides top-notch care to meet your needs. For more information about Dr. Kelley Mingus and Smile Burns Oregon, feel free to contact us.