Meet the Team

Dental comfort

Dr. Kelley Mingus of Smile Burns Oregon knows that there's a better way to treat guests and provide more comfort than people have experienced in the past.

Smile Burns Oregon knows that a major factor in relieving the concerns of any dental patients, no matter the age, is excellent communication. This is what helps everyone to eliminate anxiety and discomfort while in the dentist's chair, whether it Burns or beyond. 

Dr. Mingus of Burns has gone to great lengths to remain cutting edge in the dental field. To remain up to date, he has completed extensive hours of postgraduate dental training, including courses at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, a renown place and facility for the study of neuromuscular dentistry.

Below are listed Dr. Mingus' Dental Credentials/ Memberships:

Dr. Mingus of Smile Burns Oregon: 

Dr. Mingus grew up in Bend, Oregon. He completed his undergraduate education at Portland State University. He later received his dental health degree from OHSU. After dental school, he purchased a practice in Klamath Falls for ten years before relocating back to Bend. 

Dr. Mingus and his entire team at Smile Burns Oregon has decided to place their passions and efforts into making a positive dental atmosphere in Central Oregon. Distinctive Dentistry opened its doors in early 2006 and haven’t looked back since then. In the last years, the office at Smile Burns Oregon has stood out from other dentists because of our high tech, highly personal, quality family and aesthetic dentistry in Burns. 


Janet grew up on a large cattle ranch in Lake County with 3 brothers, a twin sister and was an accomplished horsewoman before she could spell. She has 2 full grown sons and 3 grandsons, some of whom live in Bend, Oregon. After spending most of her adult life in Portland and New York and working in dentistry for 30 years, she moved to Bend in 2010. Janet enjoys hiking, traveling, gardening and cooking. Her last trip was driving the Amalfi Coastline in Italy in a large car with one of her girlfriends. She lives a quiet life with her hiking partner, an Australian Cattle Dog Virgie and frequently sees her grandchildren.


Cieara moved to Bend, Oregon in 2006 after receiving her A.A. in dental hygiene from Mount Hood Community College. She is truly dedicated to providing the best care for her dental patients in Bend and strives to establish a great relationship with each one. In her spare time, Ciera hikes with her husband and black lab, works out at the gym, runs, and cooks healthy meals.


Amber was born and raised in Bend, Oregon and moved to California for a short time. She and her son I returned recently and are so happy to be back! Amber has worked as a dental assistant for more than eleven years. She enjoys helping dental patients have beautiful smiles and improve self-esteem. On her own time, she volunteers at her 6 year old son's school with their reading group. She is also engaged to a wonderful man and enjoys Bend's various outdoor activities.


Dana is originally from California and has lived in Oregon for more than 16 years. She settled in Bend about seven years ago. She has thoroughly enjoyed her career as a dental hygienist for the past 13 years. She also enjoys the relationships with her clients and co-workers at Distinctive Dentistry for the past four years. When she's not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 children, ages 6, 7 and 9. I also enjoys fitness and nutrition.


Tonya was born and raised in Bend Oregon and wouldn't live anywhere else!  She has 3 wonderful, grown children and 2 grandsons who also live in Bend. She and her husband Matt have been married for 29 years and enjoy the Bend lifestyle together. Tonya enjoys hiking and the beauty Central Oregon has to offer, especially the warm summer months.  She has made dentistry her profession for the past 9 years. She also loves being able to connect with her dental patients and provides a high level of care for them. Every day is a new adventure at Distinctive Dentistry!